Lecture Notes.

Module Five: Session One

Theories of Truth

Several false theories regarding the nature of truth are currently in vogue. In this section we will explain them, confront them, and refute them. This is important because accepting them results in a wholesale rejection of reason. Then we will explain the correct theory of truth.
Confusion Hill



  • After this unit you will have an understanding of the basic theories regarding the nature of truth. You will learn which ones are illogical and why (subjectivism, cultural relativism, and postmodernism). You will learn why objectivism is the only logical (hence, correct) theory regarding truth.
  • Why are there wacky pictures? To remind you that of all but one of the theories dealt with in this section are wacky. They are illogical. If they were true, then reality would be a sort of "Alice in Wonderland" experience, where nothing would make sense.
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