Lecture Notes.

Module Five: Session Six

Theories of Truth


South of the Border
  • Objectivism The correct notion that, for the most part, truth is independent from any particular mind or minds.
  • This is a common sense notion of truth. For instance, it was once widely believed that the earth was the center of the universe. However, it never was. Earth's position is completely independent of anyone's thoughts about it.
  • Objectivism extends beyond the empirical realm. They extend to the abstract and to the moral dimension of reasoning.
  • Example: "Slavery is wrong." This claim did not become true when people came to believe it. It was always true. Why? Because human nature is, was, and always will be the same. Humans, by their nature, require the ability to make free will choices about their destiny. To prevent that is wrong, hence slavery is wrong.
  • Only with the fundamental understanding that truth is essentially objective can there be any hope to improve such things as human rights around the world. In fact, if truth is not objective, then terms like "human rights" have no real meaning.
  • Only if truth is objective can improvement be made in any area, whether in science, commerce, or toward ending human suffering.
  • Genuine understanding of others (individuals, groups, or societies) is only possible if truth is objective.
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