Lecture Notes.

Module Thirteen: Session One

Critical Thinking in the Strong Sense, the Weak Sense, and Non-Critical Thinking

"The unexamined life is not worth living." - Socrates

Critical thinking is much more than learning how to wield the tools of logic. It is much more than crushing your opponent. It is much more than defending your views. In fact, if you limit your critical thinking to those things, then you aren't a critical thinker at all.

We exist in a world of quick communication. Those who wish to persuade us must compete with all the others for our attention. Ours is a world of 30 second sound bites, snappy commercials, and countless slogans. Many of us have no idea just how difficult it can be to arrive at proper conclusions. The persuaders want us to think that it's easy - all we need to do is feel good about the message. If we feel good about the message, then the message must be true, right? Wrong.




  • You will learn about the three kinds of thinkers:
    • Non-Critical Thinker
    • Weak Sense Critical Thinker
    • Strong Sense Critical Thinker
  • You will learn how to evaluate yourself and determine which you are.
  • You will be encouraged to be a Strong Sense Critical Thinker.
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