Notes: The Cornell Method


Why should I use the Cornell Method?
1. It encourages you to organize your class notes.
2. It gives you a polished set of notes to study from.
3. This method gets the information into both short- and long-term memory.
4. It saves time when studying for periodic, mid-term, or final examinations.

How do I set up my notebook page using this method?
1. Use a loose-leaf notebook and paper.
2. Draw a line down the paper 1/3 from the left. Label this RECALL COLUMN.
3. Always title and date each entry.

How do I take notes during a lecture using the Cornell Method?
1. Record all your notes in the large section to the right of the recall column.
2. Take notes in the simplest form possible, using keywords and abbreviations.
3. Try to grasp as many main ideas and important details as possible.
4. Skip lines to indicate the end of one main idea and the beginning of another.

What should I do after my class is over?
1. As soon as possible, read through your notes and fill in any blanks. Highlight the main ideas.
2. Next, fill in your recall column by jotting down keywords, phrases, or questions that stand as cues for main ideas and facts on the right.
3. Now you can summarize these notes in a couple of sentences. Restate the information in your own words.
4. You can review your notes daily and quiz yourself by folding the notes so only the recall column is showing.
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