Stress Management
ADAPT your priorities and expectations
each day plan what is most important to you
make yourself your first priority
accent the achievable; acclaim the average

ATTEMPT the realistic

ADJUST your attitude
open up your outlook
decide to energize yourself

ACT out of caring and respect for yourself
be vulnerable and human

ACKNOWLEDGE your vulnerabilities
have clear, realistic expectations for each day
write them down
scale down overambitious dreams and projects

ATTACK a new problem or challenge
change jobs/fields
volunteer for a new assignment
reward yourself and those around you
say "no" sometimes, even if it feel uncomfortable

ACCLAIM your achievements and strengths
keep a journal of your accomplishments
acknowledge and savor compliments
each day recognize a limitation
commiserate with your colleagues; talk about your feelings of helplessness

ALTER your usual approach
design a plan for getting recognition each day
develop a nurture network
find a way to reward yourself each day
do something unpredictable each day
change your appearance
whistle, sing, and make up stories about your work
if you take your work home, take something to play with to work

ASK for what you need
be alone with yourself 15 minutes a day
get eight or more hugs every day
find a way to be a little bizarre each day
exaggerate your position through song, poetry, or drama
spend at least five minutes a day laughing uproariously

ATTEND to your body, mind, and spirit
exercise and stretch before unpleasant encounters
eat something particularly nutritious each day
take time to wonder; appreciate a sunrise or rosebud
play for an hour each day
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