Study Tips


1. Be here now.
Give your total attention to the lecture, class discussion, and class exercises. Do what you do when you're doing it!

2. Manage your time. Read your syllabi. Chart all assignments, tests, papers, and projects on a semester-long calendar. Work backwards from each due date to establish a study plan. Leave time for review and relaxation.

3. Stay current with readings. Have reading assignments completed prior to class lectures on the material. Scan the headings; read the summary, study questions, and key terms prior to actually reading the chapter.

4. Take notes in a way that will help you to remember the material. Notes can take the form of outlines, diagrams, mind maps, cartoon strips, whatever is meaningful to you. Notes should be readable. They don't have to be neat or copied over several times unless that helps you learn the material. There is no such thing as 'the notes.' Follow study tip #l! Most instructors have 1-5 main points to make in a class session. They frequently discuss the strengths and limitations of a theory and then compare and contrast one theory with another. Theories are described by name (Theory of Relativity) and by theorist (Einstein). Know both!

5. Frequently review what you're learning. Review your class notes immediately after class. Also, intentionally make a mental summary of what has transpired before you leave the class.

6. Get help when you think you're stuck. Do it quickly! See your instructor. Establish a study group. Find a study-buddy. Talk it through slowly and out-loud. Use a tutor. Find another text that explains the subject. Don't wait to fail an exam before you get help. If you can't estimate how well you are doing, you need some assistance.

7. Take care of yourself. Exercise. Eat nutritious foods. Get enough sleep, and laugh!

8. Go for the "know." Practice learning to learn. Be willing to try new and sometimes initially uncomfortable strategies. You will eventually be more effective. Learn Patience!
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