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The sentences below are possible answers to this task. They are presented to help you write your own sentences on these issues. The writer's premises are in the second sentences. In each of the first sentences the writer is problematising the opposing position or opinion.

1. Banning smoking in restaurants

It could be asserted that smokers should be free to smoke in restaurants as they wish. However, by banning smoking in all public places we can help people to give up this extremely unhealthy habit.

2. Banning all guns

It has been argued that people have a legal right to own guns in our society. However, unlike the United States, there is no law in Australia that guarantees any right to own firearms.

3. Making Australia a republic

It is claimed that changing to a republic would make Australia a more democratic country. However, the constitutional system that we have at the moment has functioned very well to ensure democracy for nearly 100 years and it is very risky to change it.

4. Decreasing immigration levels.

It has been maintained that there are not enough employment opportunities in Australia to sustain high immigration levels. However, research into this issue has found that immigrants create new forms of employment through the businesses they establish.

5. Having the Grand Prix at Albert Park.

It is contended that the people of Melbourne are very unhappy with the government's decision to stage the Grand Prix at Albert Park. However, recent opinion polls show that the vast majority of the population is not concerned with this issue at all and is happy to have the Grand Prix anywhere in Melbourne.

6. Reintroducing capital punishment

It could be said that reintroducing capital punishment will deter people from committing serious crimes of violence. However, overseas experience indicates that the level of violent crime is not reduced by the threat of the death penalty.

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