Using Connectives and Problematising Phrases in a Paragraph

On this page you will practice using connectives and problematising phrases in a paragraph. The paragraph is not a complete text; it is one paragraph from a longer argumentative essay on the issue of whether Australia should become a republic. The topic of the paragraph is the significance of the republic issue for Australia's international and trade relations

The problematising phrases and connectives have been taken out of the paragraph. They are listed below the text. Select the correct connective or problematising phrase for each of these places in the text. You should print the page and write on the printout.

The Republican Debate
Writer's main conclusion: Australia should remain a constitutional monarchy
Paragraph topic: Significance for international and trade relations.

Thomas Kenneally, the head of the Australian Republican Movement, _______ _______________________ if we break our ties with the British monarchy we will be respected by other independent countries in the world community (The Age, 24.5.93). Our dependence on our former colonial rulers, _____________________ _____________, makes us seem immature to the rest of the world. _________ ___________________ this is especially important in our relations with countries in our own region of the world, the Asia-Pacific region. This is the fastest developing economic region in the world at the present time. _____________________________, if Australia is to share in the economic success of the region, it must be accepted by the other countries in the region, most of which cut their ties with their colonial rulers a long time ago (Time Australia, April 12, 1993). _______________________________, as Mr. Lee, the former Singapore government minister, said in a recent interview, our Asian neighbors are interested in trade (The Bulletin, 19.6.93). They are not concerned with whether we become a republic or not. _____________________________, there are at least three powerful economic powers in the region which have monarchies: Thailand, Malaysia and Japan. ______________________________, Australia's future as a trading nation in Asia will depend more on building a strong production and marketing base in this country than changing to a republic.






argues that


it is claimed that




so this argument goes


according to this


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