Making priorities is as easy as A B C.

1. Make a list of things to do (today, this week, this month, this semester, this year).

2. Rate each item on your "to do" list with an A, B, or C (see explanation below).

3. Keep your list in a visible place. Refer to it often!

A's are things which are most important. These are assignments that are due, or jobs that need to be done immediately. A priorities include activities that lead directly to your long-, mid-, or short-term goals.

The B's on your list are important, but less so than your A's. B's might become A's someday. These tasks are important, but not as urgent. They can be postponed if necessary.

C's do not require immediate attention. C items include things like "shop for a new blender" and "get brochures for next year's vacation." C priorities are often small, easy jobs.

Refer to your list often, and cross off items when you are finished.
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