Propaganda Technique Index

Propaganda Techniques

Ad Hominem

Ad Populum

Ambiguity, Equivocation (and Vagueness)

Analogy (faulty)

Anecdotal Evidence

Appeal to Authority

Appeal to Ignorance / Misplaced Burden of Proof

Appeal to Motives

Appeal to Pity


Begging the Question

Card Stacking

Causal Fallacies (incl. Post Hoc)

Clichés and Platitudes

Division and Composition

Doublespeak (including Euphemisms, Jargon, Gobbldygook, and Inflated Language)

Emotive (Loaded Language) (Same link as above.)

Sneer Words and Purr Words (Same link as above.)

False Dilemma

Endorsement (See Appeal to Authority.)

Faulty Comparison

Hasty Generalization

Hypothesis Contrary to Fact



Irrelevant Conclusion

Loaded Question



Plain Folks

Red Herring (Smoke Screen)


Selected Instances and Suppressed Evidence
(Similar to Card Stacking.)

Slippery Slope


Straw Man

Testimonial (See Appeal to Authority.)

Tradition (See Appeal to Authority.)

Two Wrongs Make a Right

Weasel Words

Special thanks to Steven Downes for the basic idea and many examples:
Stephen Downes. Stephen's Guide to the Logical Fallacies. Brandon, Manitoba, Canada, 1995-2001.

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