Lecture Notes.

Module Five: Session Four

Theories of Truth


Mystery Hole
  • In a nutshell, postmodernism teaches that realities are constructions. This means that there isn't one reality, but many realities.
  • As with other relativistic theories, postmodernists say there are no absolutes.
  • This is a self-contradictory theory. To say, "There are no absolutes" is like saying, "It is true that nothing is true." It is meaningless.
  • Postmodernists are correct about one important thing: We all create models that represent reality. These models (world views) change. In other words, they are relative. Also, different people and different groups have different models.
  • Where the postmodernist seems to veer off into the ridiculous is when they claim that these models are realities. While there is no doubt that there are different experiences of reality, reality is independent of minds. There is only one reality.
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